Room Parent List

Below is the current list of room parents for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please contact Joellyn DeRonghe, room parent coordinator, with any questions regarding room parents or contact your child’s room parent directly.

  • kindergarten:  Haley Street (KA), Kimberly Tish, Anna Devita (KB)
  • first grade:  Sarah Cooper (1A), Marianne Graham (1B)
  • second grade:  Danielle Kolding (2A), Selena Borne, Amanda Roberts (2B)
  • third grade:  Rachel Lynch (3A), Guilia Canali (3B)
  • fourth grade:  Mandy Peterson (4A), Melissa Carlstedt (4B)
  • fifth grade:  Andrea Geraghty (5A), Jeanne Flohr (5B)
  • sixth grade:  Emily Pauson (6A), Katie Hamilton (6B)
  • seventh grade:  Kimberly Tish (7A), Mary Corrigan (7B)
  • eighth grade: Julie Cahill, Krista Ziessel (8A), Maura McCann, Jodie Underwood (8B)